Davide Van de Sfroos Home and Garden 8 House Corridor Design Ideas for Your Hallway

8 House Corridor Design Ideas for Your Hallway

When designing or decorating an entranceway to your house or a hallway, great interior design ideas are essential. Your entrance or hallway could be the first room that visitors see when entering your home and should make an impact. To create a stylish and welcoming hallway in your house, consider it as part of your overall home design that deserves just as much care and consideration as any other area.

Create an Entrance Hall Gallery Wall

Hanging artwork, photos, and wall-hung treasured mementos can add a unique flair to your hallway. Try hanging multiple framed prints, oversized photos or even various small frames in different shapes and sizes for an eye-catching display.

Another way to add art into your hallway is by mounting a thin ledge on one wall. This can be used for displaying vases, candles and other items you’d like to show off without taking up too much room. It’s an efficient way to introduce some decorative flair without sacrificing floor space.

Stair Runners for Comfort and Style

If your hallway features stairs, installing runners is a great idea to add both aesthetics and function. Not only will they provide somewhere to put shoes before entering the main part of your home, but it can reduce creaking noises from those steep ascents.

Window Seats as Storage and Reading Corner

If your hallway is narrow, consider building in a window seat to use as shoe storage or as an inviting reading nook. Not only will this look stylish, but it provides you with some comfortable seating in the middle of your hall.

Bookshelves for All Your Favorite Books

If there’s a reader in your family, creating a functional library in your hallway is an ideal design idea. Not only will it add an air of elegance to the area, but it’ll allow you to read and relax in a cozy nook while keeping clutter at a minimum.

Keep your favorite books close by to promote better sleep and increase energy levels. It’s an affordable, simple way to improve health, happiness, and productivity!

Understair Storage for Your Home

Understair storage is often overlooked, but it’s prime real estate. This area can be used to store bags and other items that don’t need to be carried through your main floor living areas. The key is making the space work with the rest of your hallway design.

Painting Your Hallway White

White is a popular color choice for hallways as it brightens the space and gives it a feeling of spaciousness. But if you’re after something more sophisticated, gray could also work well; it won’t be as stark as pure white but still provides plenty of soothing tones like Dimpse by Farrow & Ball (opens in new tab).

If your hallway connects to another room, try mixing up the colors of walls and decor in each space for a unified aesthetic that will help your house appear larger.