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KTV Room Design for Your Home

Have you always wanted to sing along to your favourite tunes while rocking out at home? Now it’s easier than ever with KTV Room Design’s help.

When designing your media room, the most essential factor to take into account is what purpose the space serves. Do you need a cozy spot to watch movies with family or space for large social gatherings? Having clear objectives helps determine what furniture works best in this room.

Lighting Options

For TV rooms, the ideal lighting should be something that can be controlled easily without detracting from the content onscreen. There are various options to choose from, such as floor or standing lamps which provide flexibility when it comes to creating a mood.

Console tables that feature LED backlighting for a warm atmosphere can be found. These light fixtures can be adjusted to dim or brighten according to the atmosphere, creating the ideal atmosphere for your next movie marathon with ease.

Finish off your TV room’s look by adding some decorative accents in matching colors and styles. From eye-catching wall art to vibrant plants, there are plenty of ways to personalize and elevate this entertainment area from the rest.

Best of all, these options don’t need a lot of time or money to complete the job. Most come in various sizes, shapes and finishes that will complement any decor.

TV Screen Distractions

A simple solution to avoid the black screen effect is using texture walls or recessed boxes in order to keep the TV from dominating the room’s aesthetics. Interior designer Velinda Hellen of Emily Henderson Design used this strategy to transform an otherwise uninviting corner into a cozy spot where guests can watch without being distracted by their flat screen intruding on living room space.