Adult Work

Working at an escort agency

Escorts can be fooled into thinking that being an independent means they get to keep every penny of their earnings. But there are many benefits, especially financially, to working with an escort agency. Unfortunately, many naive escorts do not take into consideration the financial costs, bills and overheads that are associated with working for themselves. Advertising, marketing, internet, phone, web site maintenance are all costs that are paid for by the escort agency. Incalls can also be offered by an escort agency. But the cost of sole fully renting an apartment to work from with bills can be unprofitable for some independents. If you work freelance, they are all costs that need to be deducted from your profit.  

When you work with a local escort agency, there are incentives. Such as an escort does not need to pay upfront for anything! After each booking, a small percentage of the escorts earnings is taken by the escort agency. Known as booking fees or commission. Whilst an escort is not working on her days off, the escort agency is busy taking bookings for her next shift. So, when she arrives at work, she already has appointments in. Obviously when you work for yourself, there is no such thing as a day off. Primarily because the independent escort is taking bookings for herself, which can also lead to a lot of wasted time.  

The prime benefits of being represented by an escort agency is safety and security. It is the escort agency’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment to those girls who they advertise. The simple fact that the escort agency knows who the companion is with, where she is and what time she is due to leave the booking. They have a name, phone, number and address which is traceable by the authorities, should it be needed. As well as a security driver who takes the escort to and from appointments. Security drivers can also wait discretely nearby until the appointment has finished.  

Bear in mind, a huge benefit of working with an established escort agency, is they already have a business and potential clients for you to meet. Starting on your own, you are literally starting your own business from scratch. Unfortunately, the rogue clients who have burnt their bridges with every escort in the area will target the new girls. An escort agency will protect you from these troublemakers and time wasters. Remember nothing is set in stone and there are no contracts when you work with an adult agency. There is nothing stopping a new escort from beginning her career with an escort agency until she is experienced and established to work alone.